Our goal is to foster an ethical framework for the blockchain industry. We help companies comply with state mandates and legislation, while helping governments, institutions, and consumers have greater trust in blockchain technology.

The 4th Industrial Revolution

Blockchain technology will usher in a fourth Industrial Revolution: the revolution of trust. In the coming decade, the business community will see a transformation in our relationship to money, data, and the ways in which we interact with the world around us. No longer will we worry about the truth of any information, or the centralization of data accumulation, through secure information transfers and the establishment of transparent voting processes, blockchain will renew trust in a feckless world.




Board of Directors

  • President & Chairman

    Florian Seroussi

    Florian is the founder of Clea.rs, Data Security Expert, Angel Investor with over 30 tech investments, including Weebly, Pixowl, Gorgias, Open Garden, and Shade.io. He is the Co-author of KYC & AML in the New World and a prominent blockchain speaker.

  • Board Member

    Remy Wilders

    Remy is a Compliance Expert with over 20 years of experience in Banking. He is the Compliance Director at CLRS, a Fintech Advisor, Banking Consultant, Apside, and Co-author, KYC & AML in the New World.

  • Board Member

    Keith Fitzgerald

    Broad experience leading strategic initiatives and corporate finance transactions for growth-stage and Fortune 500 technology and healthcare clients.

  • Board Member

    Thomas Power

    Thomas is a renowned social media expert, professional speaker, and entrepreneur who also is a blockchain strategist. Thomas is in the top ten of the 100 "Best in Blockchain & Cryptocurrency" by RiseGlobal, and in the top 15.

  • Board Member

    Simon Cocking

    Simon Cocking is Chief Editor at Irish Tech News, CryptoCoinNews and InvestInIT - with over 1.5 million+ combined unique monthly views and growing. He is the top ranked member of the ‘People of Blockchain’ (#1 Jan - April & June - August).


  • Director of Operations

    Charlie Cross

    Charlie is a researcher, writer, and investor with focus on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. With a strong background in leadership and organizational analysis, he is poised to direct BICRA in leading the ethical growth of the blockchain industry.

  • Director of Education

    Matthew Thomas

    Matthew is a Political Scientist with experience in journalism at both MSNBC and CNBC. He has experience as a Regulation Analyst for Clea.rs and is now a Regulation Researcher for BICRA. Matthew is the host of BICRA’s podcast BlockTalk and BICRA’s KYC Ambassador. He is devoted to educating the public, BICRA members, and lawmakers the uses and best practices of the blockchain.

  • Compliance Specialist

    Sean Freda

    Sean is a Certified Compliance and Regulatory Professional (CCRP®) with experience as a Compliance and Regulation Analyst for One More Company. He is focused on helping BICRA members setup and maintain effective compliance protocols while staying proactive in an uncertain legal environment.